Exclusive products for unique Dj's.
Whatever you want: a design on your gear, a faceplate complete out of Gold, with Diamonds or a plate out of wood. We make everything possible.

Only 100 Orders will be produced in a year - everything is made in Germany.
The highest quality standards are to be met during production. That is why the new surfaces and controls top the original parts’ quality. A special high end Glossy-Finish provides long-lasting fun, especially when you are working everyday on your DJ equipment.

djs-face!® already emblazons the mobile mixers of some of the world’s best DJs. The trend was set by Parisian techno artist Joachim Garraud, superstar David Guetta’s producer and friend. Top US DJs such as HipHop legend DJ Q-Bert are getting the taste of custom-made equipment designs as well. The innovative faceplates and customizing is available worldwide for all common mixers and controllers and only available on this website.

See our most important facts:

Very exclusive.
Only 100 orders will be produced in one Year.

Real Steel
Real Steel.
High quality metalplates.
Made in Germany.

Do It Yourself.
Customize your entire DJ gear.
Endless possibilities.
The sky is the limit!

3 Years Guarantee
3 Years Guarantee.
If something will happen to your print
just let us know and you will get a new faceplate.

Very durable Glossy-Finish.
Developed by our own.

since 2004
8 Years experience.
We are customizing DJ equipment since 2004.
Our aim is to realize your ideas.
Impossible is nothing.

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